Rebel Alliance Army (128)Full unit name: Rebel Alliance Army
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Basic info
First appearance: A New Hope
A New Hope
Member of: Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance
The Alliance Army was a military branch containing the ground forces of the Alliance Military, consisting of the Alliance Special Forces
Rebel Alliance Special Forces
(Rebel Alliance Army)
Rebel Alliance Army
controlled by Alliance High Command, and various Sector Forces controlled by a Sector Commander. It was later replaced by the New Republic Army.
The Alliance Army was founded and operated until the Battle of Endor
Endor Campaign
Galactic Civil War
as a guerrilla force aimed at tying down and harassing an enemy force rather than meeting that enemy in open battle. An Alliance Army force could expect to be outnumbered in any given battle it fought against the Imperial Army, and as such its tactics were geared towards 'hit and run' rather than a conventional battle.


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Known subgroups, subsidiaries or members
Rebel Alliance Hoth Trooper
Rebel Alliance Assault Trooper
Rebel Alliance Special Forces
Known members
Fenn Signis
Known weaponry
DH-17 Blaster Pistol
Blastech A295 Blaster Rifle
Mark II Medium Repeating Blaster Cannon
Model TD2.3 Electrobinoculars
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Full unit name: Rebel Alliance Army Last updated: 27.04.2024 22:47:42