Rebel Alliance Engineer (17)Full unit name: Rebel Alliance Engineer
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Basic info
First appearance: A New Hope
A New Hope
Member of: Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance
The Rebel Alliance engineers - sometimes referred to as technicians - were technology specialists who were focusing their energy on making repairs and maintenance both between military engagements and directly in the field. They were sometimes part of a combat unit and were trained to make rapid repairs and adjustments in highly stressful situations - even while under fire. Starship engineers were members of a starship's crew who maintained the ship's systems. In combat, the engineer could reroute power to increase speed or shielding, and repair or jury-rig battle-damaged systems. They were responsible for the rebel ships always be ready to fight, meaning that the ships are armed and loaded, fueled up and diagnostics show all systems are green.
During the Galactic Civil War, engineers at Echo Base on Hoth
Supporting Characters
were for upgrading T-47 speeders
T-47 Airspeeder
Ground Vehicle
, increasing their top speed from 650 kmh to 1 000 kmh.
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Full unit name: Rebel Alliance Engineer Last updated: 13.02.2024 20:43:01