The Thrill of Discovery (3)Full unit name: The Thrill of Discovery
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First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Taris
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    Dialog transcript
    Tarkos Sund
    Listen here, all you blaster-wielding frontier fighters! Sund Technologies is the best provider of wartime technology the Republic has. Now, I'll tell ya, there are some very violent creatures out there - rakghouls, nexu- I have the injuries to prove it. But when there's work to be done and credits to be made, Sund Tech doesn't rest, and neither should you. What I am offering is a high-paying technological recovery operation that will revolutionize the Republic's work here on Taris.
    It's good to be dedicated to your work, but this seems like a strange place to look.
    Hero of Tython
    What kind of technology are you researching here on Taris?
    Oh, the usual - the kind that makes me filthy and disgustingly rich. No, no, I'm kidding.
    Trust me - you'll be lucky if you dig up a rusty can opener in this dump.
    Tarkos Sund
    Rusty can opener? That's a good one. I'll have to remember that one.
    This is no place for civilians.
    Tarkos Sund
    I'm no ordinary civilian. I'm a businessman, a man of the galaxy. And, if I may say so, a brilliant - and handsome - inventor.
    In other words, you're a profiteer.
    Tarkos Sund
    Like that's a bad thing? People expect companies to be profitable, but a person who profits is called a profiteer. I happen to know that three hundred years ago some enterprising swoop racers got their hands on a revolutionary engine accelerator. And I thought, here's the Republic struggling to reclaim Taris because of bad conditions and poor transportation - and the solution's right here! All they need is someone to transform that accelerator into the kind of innovative high-efficiency transportation Sund Technologies is known for.
    Have you had any luck recovering it?
    Tarkos Sund
    Well, there has been a little bit of a - minor - setback.
    Hero of Tython
    Was it the usefulness or the credits that occurred to you first?
    Tarkos Sund
    Money, pah. It's the thrill - can you imagine how fast a speeder would be with that accelerator attached? Problem is the old swoop tracks are crawling with beasts - beasts that nearly chewed my leg off. I'm not going to say I've overreached myself here, but I'm not really the fighting kind. I could use some help finding the accelerator.
    Will you pay?
    Tarkos Sund
    One up-front finder's fee. No royalties. A man's got to turn a profit somewhere. I'll throw in some genuine Sund tech if you like. Just head out to the old tracks and scan the old bikes. If you can clear out the beasts so we can salvage the accelerator when you're done, even better.
  • Meteor, Aric Jorgan, Voidhound, Corso Riggs, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, T7-O1, Elara Dorne, Tarkos Sund
  • Republic Operatives killed at least 9 Bogstalker Prowlers
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Tarkos Sund
    There are two things that would really make my day right about now - an Alderaanian brandy, or news that you found the accelerator and cleared the track. One or the other. I'm not picky.
    The track's clear, and we found the accelerator.
    Tarkos Sund
    You did good work. I appreciate it. Sund Tech appreciates it. The Republic appreciates it. Here you go. Don't spend it all in one place - I hear there's a superfast speeder hitting the market in ten to twelve months.
  • Meteor, Aric Jorgan, Voidhound, Corso Riggs, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, T7-O1, Elara Dorne, Tarkos Sund
This event took place during the Taris Resettlement Initiative
Taris Resettlement Initiative
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
on the planet Taris
Tarkos Sund
Tarkos Sund
Minor Characters (TOR)
, businessman, inventor and founder of Sund Technologies
Sund Technologies
, came to Taris in search of an engine accelerator that was used in swoop racing 300 years ago. He believed that the engine could be updated and repurposed to suit modern technology. However, his search had hit a roadblock, as beasts prevented him from reaching the ancient swoops. While he and a couple of his mechanics were camped in the Tularan Marsh region, he met with a group of Republic operatives
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
who agreed to help and search for the accelerator in the remains of the swoops
Ground Vehicle
To Be Identified
Fighting off bogstalkers
who have infested the ruins of ancient swoop tracks, the operatives scanned several ancient swoops until they found something similar to the device described by Sund.
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