White Noise (10)Full unit name: White Noise
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Coruscant
Known Facts (5)
  • Kira Carsen was an apprentice to Bela Kiwiiks
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Hey, you- hold up. No, no, don't look at me, just look casual. Act like you're not talking to anyone.
    My name's Jaffkee. I'm with Republic security. Is the street clear? Any Justicar patrols?
    Are you always this jumpy?
    I am when I'm in a place like this! I already tangled with the Justicars. Trust me, you don't want to underestimate these guys. I'm supposed to disrupt the Justicars' signal jammers, so Republic security can run some useful surveillance on these guys.
    If you survived, the Justicars can't be that tough.
    I'm only alive because I ran. Hard.
    Republic security was actually excited about the Justicars at first. A bunch of ex-military guys forming a militia to take back the streets!
    You can never rely on militias, agent - even ex-military.
    Republic security hoped the Justicars would work alongside our officers - bring order to Coruscant's lower levels. But they pushed out Republic forces just like they did the criminals. They keep the peace down here, but they definitely aren't on the Republic's side.
    Then whose side are they on? If the Justicars aren't working with the Republic, then who are they working with?
    No clue. They pushed out Black Sun and the other criminal groups, but their goals are still a mystery.
    Hero of Tython
    You were sent to find out more about the Justicars, right?
    Uh, not exactly. We've tried to run surveillance on their activities, but their signal jammers block every attempt. I thought disrupting the jammers would be easy, but the Justicar patrols are everywhere.
    Objectives don't complete themselves, agent.
    I just... I really hate to let everyone down like this. They were counting on me. You definitely look like you can handle the job... better than I could, anyway.
    I built the devices to disrupt the Justicars' jammers. They just need to be installed - can you do that for me?
    We'll take the devices and place them for you.
    Thank you so much! Here, take the devices. They need to be planted at several points around the district. That's the tricky part--Justicar patrols are everywhere. Once you've planted the devices, make your way back. Good luck, and... thanks.
  • Meteor, Aric Jorgan, Voidhound, Corso Riggs, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, Jaffkee
  • Republic Operatives killed a number of Justicar Captains, Lieutenants, Eliminators, Militiamen and Corpsmen
  • Republic Operatives killed a number of Justicar Trained Hounds
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    You're back! Thank goodness. Did you get all the devices in place?
    Yes, it's done. The devices are all in place.
    All right, let's see if these things work. They're booting up now... synchronizing and....
    It's working! The frequencies are all clearing, one by one! This is fantastic!
    Will you be able to conduct your surveillance?
    What? Oh, yes, definitely. The air couldn't be clearer.
    I'll notify headquarters that the jammers are down. Thanks again for your help - this mission would have been a complete failure without you.
  • Meteor, Aric Jorgan, Voidhound, Corso Riggs, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, Jaffkee
This event took place shortly before the end of the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
on the planet Coruscant
When Republic operatives
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
arrived in the Justicar territory, they met with CSF
Coruscant Security Force
Planetary and Sector
Agent Jaffkee
Minor Characters (TOR)
, who was assigned to run a surveillance operation on the Justicars
Justicars' Brigade
Planetary and Sector
, but their signal jammers were blocking him from gathering intel. The operatives agreed to help install devices that would disrupt the Justicars' jammers and allow Agent Jaffkee's surveillance to succeed.
Either fighting or avoiding Justicar patrols, the operatives installed anti-jamming devices on three signal jammers - two in Veshok Terrace and another one in Population Control Center.
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