Bringing Down the Hammer (24)Full unit name: Bringing Down the Hammer
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Saleucami
, Hammer Station
Hammer Station
Space Stations
, Skine
Known Facts (19)
Shortly before the end the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
, a battle occurred aboard the battlestation known as Hammer Station.
The Hammer station
Hammer Station
Space Stations
, controlled by the Advozse Hegemony
Advozse Hegemony
Planetary and Sector
and crewed by a complement of ten thousand Advozsec
Sentient Species
, entered in orbit over the planet Saleucami
, demanding the planet's immediate surrender. Two hours earlier, the Hammer Station had destroyed the capital city of the planet Skine
, whose government had rejected the Hegemony's demands for surrender.
Driven by quite a different motives but united by a common goal, two groups of elite operatives - one
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
from the Republic
Galactic Republic
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
, the other
Imperial Operatives
Temporary Unions
from the Empire
Reconstitued Sith Empire
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
- began a mission to destroy the Hammer station as a joint strike team
Joint Strike Team
Temporary Unions
The strike team moved through the excavation area, fighting Advozse warriors and their droids, including hacked Republic models
PD-A01V02 Assassin Droid
Old Republic Assassin Droid classes
. Some time after the strike team arrived, the defenders finally realized they were under attack and activated all their defense systems. In one of the caves, the strike team was attacked by a huge tunneler droid
ACK-HMD-A01 Droid
Old Republic Acklay-type droid classes
. They defeated the droid and headed to the security wing.
The security wing consisted of a network of tunnels. Some of them contained bubble tunnels that provided excellent views of space. Most of the Advozsec lived here. In order to deactivate the security locks blocking their path to Section Zero, the strike team killed three Riflor's champions guarding the mainframe - Vorgan the Volcano
Vorgan the Volcano
Minor Characters (TOR)
and his subordinates, Sawbones Gjonfs
Sawbones Gjonfs
Minor Characters (TOR)
and 2R-CH
2R-CH 'Torch'
(CRSEC-A01 Security Droid)
. The operatives sliced the computer and disengaged the security locks that blocked entry to Section Zero.
While searching the mainframe, the operatives noticed an administrative control labeled "Power to Engineering Level" and realizing that overloading or disabling the power conduits on the engineering level might distract the Advozse forces while the strike team infiltrated Section Zero. While members of the Empire voted to overload the conduits, members of the Republic insisted on cutting off the power to save the lives of the many Advozsec working at that level. Thinking that all the Advoszec would die anyway when the station was destroyed, the Imperials agreed.
They then went to the Section Zero, where the gravity gun was located, intending to find the main computer and from there initiate the station's self-destruct procedure. The command bridge of the station was defended by Battlelord
Minor Characters (TOR)
's elite guards, and Kreshan himself manned station's controls. The strike team attacked, the battle was hard fought, but they ultimately prevailed over the guards and the battlelord himself, killing them all.
After activating the self-destruct sequence, the operatives from each warring faction ran towards their respective evac shuttles.
Some time after this, the station exploded and disintegrated in a powerful explosion.


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