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Basic info
First appearance: A New Hope
Relations: Kuat Drive Yards
Events: Destruction of Raxus Prime Shipyards (TFU), Journey to Hurd's Moon
Known Facts (3)
Destruction of Raxus Prime Shipyards (TFU) (1)
Journey to Hurd's Moon (2)
  • Was destroyed by Guri
  • Imperial-class Star Destroyer was destroyed by Guri who piloted Stinger
The Imperial-class Star Destroyer was an iconic class of warships designed by Lira Wessex and built by Kuat Drive Yards. The Imperial-class Star Destroyers, along with Imperial stormtroopers, represented the might of the Imperial Military throughout the galaxy during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The Imperial-class was originally used by the Republic Navy toward the end of the Clone Wars, and served alongside the Tector-class in a few task forces during the conflict. It was at the time one of the largest warship classes in the Republic Navy. It later became a mainstay of the Imperial Navy and was also fielded to a lesser degree by the Empire's successor-states. The Imperial-class was produced in large numbers, all known variants were 1,600 meters long. Compared to most common frigates and downscaled cruisers known from the days of the Old Republic, the Imperial-class was a huge warship, but in the Imperial Navy, it was one of the Empire's mid-sized mainline warships, like its predecessor had been for the Republic. The hulls of the Imperial-class were painted in Star Destroyer White, a purely economic choice as it was the only variety of paint that was produced in sufficient quantities to coat the Empire's immense number of warships.


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