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First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Coruscant
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The Justicars' Brigade, also simply known as the Justicars, was a militia in Coruscant
's Underworld during the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
. In the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant
Sacking of Coruscant
Great Galactic War (3681BBY - 3653BBY)
, Coruscant's government pulled Coruscant Security Forces
Coruscant Security Force
Planetary and Sector
due to limited resources leaving the area vulnerable to armed gangs.
In response, a group of ex-soldiers
Republic Army
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
formed the Justicars' Brigade, a militia later simply known as the Justicars. Their intent was to defend not only their homes, but to retake their neighborhoods. As the backlash from Black Sun
Black Sun
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
began, the Justicars took harsher steps to retake control, declaring curfews and eventually martial law. The area they seized was soon called the Justicars' Sector and an old CSF facility was renamed the Justicars' Tower and set up as their headquarters. Armed security patrols were authorized to use lethal force against those who did not possess the proper clearances as defined by the Justicars.
The Justicars retained much of their previous military habits, for example using the army rank system - commander, lieutenant, captain, etc. All their members were required to wear a standard set of heavy armor
Justicars' Heavy Armor
Heavy & Medium Armor
while on duty.


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Known members
Lars Baddeg
Jessa Bo'den
Thalo Terrix
Droid models that were used by this organization
ADPC-A01 Droid
CZS-A01 Security Droid
SREC-A01 Assassin Droid
UNW-A01V2 Heavy Assassin Droid
BMF-GNK-A01 Droid
Vehicles that were used by this organization
Light Manned Turret
Known sentient species
Creatures that were used by this organization
Salky Hound
Known weaponry
L4 Blaster
H4 Heavy Rifle
H8 Heavy Rifle
L4 Rifle
L1 Scattergun
H3 Heavy Sniper Rifle
Wrist-mounted Flamer
L1 Assault Cannon
L3 Electroblade
Corrosive Grenade
Flash Grenade
Plasma Probe
Known armor & apparel
Justicars' Heavy Armor
Security Belt
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Full unit name: Justicars' Brigade Last updated: 16.03.2024 23:23:23