Killed in Custody (6)Full unit name: Killed in Custody
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First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Coruscant
Known Facts (6)
  • Kira Carsen was an apprentice to Bela Kiwiiks
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Whoa, look at you! You're perfect, just perfect! So, my name's Paus, right, and I'm a journalist. The only journalist down here who isn't afraid to dig up the truth! I'm on to something major with these Justicars. I'm gonna blow the lid on all their tyranny and oppression, and show all of Coruscant what they really are!
    I try not to argue with lunatics. If you say you're onto something, that's great.
    Hey, if it's crazy to love freedom and hate totalitarian thugs like the Justicars, then yeah, I'm plenty crazy. I'm working on a major scoop. A clear-cut case of wrongful arrest, illegal imprisonment and unjust execution! Proof I need is just out of reach, though. I need a fearless hero to get that evidence. I need you!
    Why us?
    Because I can tell! You're brave, you're tough! Everything a hero of freedom and justice should be!
    Rikael Lysannis. Son of a wealthy family, arrested and executed without trial or explanation. He's the key to everything - the catalyst, the dirty little secret. Nobody's talking about Rikael's death. Not the Justicars, not his family, nobody. So I need the facts, straight from the source: the Justicar tower. And that's where you come in.
    Odd. Why do you think the boy's parents won't speak on the matter?
    I'm sure the Justicars got to them - told them they were dead meat if they talked to anybody.
    Hero of Tython
    We'll find out the true circumstances of this poor boy's death, Paus. Perhaps then, justice can be served.
    Yeah! And not the Justicars' jack-booted justice, either - the real thing! And we've all got to cover the bills, right? I'll make it worth your while, don't worry.
    Interrogation droids. They're the key. Justicars use 'em all the time, and they record everything they see. Find the droid that recorded Rikael, smash it and yank the memory core. You can check the core on the Justicar computers, to make sure you've got the right one.
    If innocent people are suffering, then something must be done.
    All right, then. Soon as you've got the recording I need, bring it back here and we'll show Coruscant the truth about these Justicars! Good luck, buddy, good luck!
  • Meteor, Aric Jorgan, Voidhound, Corso Riggs, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, Paus
  • Republic Operatives killed a number of Justicar Prison Guards, Sharpshooters and Watchmen
  • Republic Operatives destroyed a number of Justicar Interrogation Droids
  • Republic Operatives killed a number of Salky Hound
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    I've been hearing some serious comm chatter, pal! Sounds like you made a mess in the Justicar tower! Did you find any recordings of Rikael? Don't keep me in suspense!
    Rikael's story didn't unfold quite the way you thought it did.
    Well, that doesn't sound too good. Let me see what you've got here. Oh no! Rikael, you snake! No wonder your parents won't talk about you, you little thug! Great. My whole story, shot to pieces. That little jerk was my best lead. Now I've got nothing to go on.
    Even if this lead didn't work out, you're still right about the Justicars.
    I won't let this keep me down. I'll find the proof. Just got to stick it out a little longer down here, that's all. Anyways, thanks for all your help. Keep fighting the good fight! I'll see you around.
  • Meteor, Aric Jorgan, Voidhound, Corso Riggs, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, Paus
This event took place shortly before the end of the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
on the planet Coruscant
While the operatives
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
traveled through the Justicar Territory, they met with Paus
Minor Characters (TOR)
, a journalist, who was doing a story about a young man named Rikael Lysannis, who he believed was unjustly tried and executed
Killed in Custody (prologue)
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
by the Justicars
Justicars' Brigade
Planetary and Sector
. He needed proof of his theory to force the Senate
Republic Senate
Galactic Republic
to finally crack down on the Justicars, and he asked the operatives to help obtain this proof. He believed that the evidence of Rikael's trial should have been recorded by an interrogation droid.
The operatives infiltrated the Justicar detention center near the Starlight Towers, killed the guards and recovered a memory core from an interrogation droid
SREC-A01 Assassin Droid
Old Republic Assassin Droid classes
and watched the recording of Rikael's trial. The recording clashed with Paus's story, but the operatives delivered it to him anyway.
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