L5M Rifle (18)Full unit name: L5M Rifle
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Known Facts (30)
Mantellian Separatist Crisis (1)
Hit the Ground Running (1)
Landing Party (1)
Clearing the Air (1)
Unsafe Safe Houses (1)
The Ambush (1)
Mannett Point (2)
Security Breach (3)
Lost Son (1)
The Untold Story (1)
Bridging the Gap (1)
Generator Problems (1)
Hitting Where It Hurts (1)
The Separatists' Stronghold (1)
Securing the Landing Zone (1)
Witness Protection (1)
Alliance of Evil (1)
Beyond Redemption (2)
Legacy of Death (1)
Pirate Medicine (3)
Total Elimination (3)
An Opportunity Too Good to Pass Up (1)
See also
Organizations that used this weapon
Death's Claw
Mantellian Separatists
Characters who used this weapon
Ethen Remak
Droid models that used this weapon
CZS-A01 Security Droid
ENF-A01 Assassin Droid
ROGUE-A01 Assassin Droid
SREC-A01 Assassin Droid
Compatible ammunition
CH Ammo
EX Ammo
IN Ammo
Compatible upgrades
Plasma Powercell
Weapons that were designed based on this model
L5.3.3 Rifle
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Full unit name: L5M Rifle Last updated: 11.04.2024 16:29:09