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Basic info
First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Model: Super-class Star Destroyer
Was destroyed by: Arvel Crynyd (Battle over Endor)
Events: Battle of Hoth, Falcon's Escape, Battle over Coruscant (SOTE), Arrival at Endor (ROTJ), Battle over Endor
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Battle of Hoth (7)
Falcon's Escape (4)
Battle over Endor (7)
The Super Star Destroyer Executor was the personal flagship of the Lord Darth Vader, the premier command ship of the Imperial Navy, and the first of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought line. Designed by starship engineer Lira Wessex as a successor to the original Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Executor, at a monumental 19,000 meters in length, represented the largest traditional warship the galaxy had ever seen by the time of its completion. The Executor bristled with more than 5,000 weapon emplacements, enough firepower to blast any planetary surface to slag in hours, and a military complement capable of annihilating any ground installation. The Executor's presence alone, however, was enough to frighten an entire star system into submission.


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