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First appearance: The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell
Included into
In Deadly Pursuit
Orbited by: Ord Mantell Moon 1
Ord Mantell Moon 1
, Ord Mantell Moon 2
Ord Mantell Moon 2
Birthplace of: Corso Riggs
Corso Riggs
Supporting Characters
Homeworld of: [Mantellian Dragon]
[Mantellian Dragon]
To Be Identified
, Gapillian Grazer
Gapillian Grazer
, Mantellian Savrip
Mantellian Savrip
, Razoronn
, Mantellian Flutterplume
Mantellian Flutterplume
Known Facts (31)
Mantellian Separatist Crisis (9)
Hit the Ground Running (3)
Landing Party (4)
Hitting Where It Hurts (6)
The Separatists' Stronghold (9)
Ord Mantell was a terrestrial planet which was located into the Bright Jewel system of the Bright Jewel sector in the Mid Rim Territories. It was located near Anobis and was originally settled by the Galactic Republic circa 12,000 BBY as an Ordnance/Regional Depot. The planet was primarily known as a former industrial world, where large portions of the planet's surface was covered in immense junkyard fields, which served as the perfect lawless haven for many smugglers, mercenaries and bounty hunters of all stripes. Although a dangerous place, its strategic location on the Celanon Spur between the Expansion Region and the Outer Rim Territories gradually made the planet as the leading commercial hub not only of the Bright Jewel sector, but of the Dohu sector and Qiilura sector as well.The planet had a temperate climate with a variety of different terrain types. The most remarkable were the plateaus peppering the surface, including the Ten Mile Plateau. The relative closeness of Ord Mantell's two large moons, which could easily be seen during the night and daytime, was responsible for the elevated tidal forces that affected the planet's dynamic landscape: groundquakes were common, which resulted in the planet being volcanically active and almost every landmass being dotted with mountain chains. Sandy beaches were rare, and the coastlines were mostly dominated by cliffs, rocks, and mudflats. Thus, mountains and islands were the distinct features of Ord Mantell's terrain. Outside the urban sprawl, the narrow equatorial band of starports, and the volcanic islands, Ord Mantell remained largely rural and low tech. The interior was present with smelters, scrap heaps, and a persistent brown haze from burning fossil fuels. Its extreme reliance on fossil fuels kept the planet quite barren; huge robotic coal yards remained to fuel the planet's cities, and immense junkyard fields, like the Scraplands, littered a large portion of the planetscape.


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Full unit name: Ord Mantell Last updated: 21.02.2023 19:29:13